Friday, March 7, 2014

Vacation Film Fest

I have created a list of some indie films and tv series that I feel are an introduction to what you might get going to a film festival.  So, on your next vacation, if you're not in Toronto, Utah or Austin, TX but want to have your own mini-fest then give the below selections a shot.

Some are movies from SXSW, Fantastic Fest and others are just indie films/series. They're not for everyone but all are unique and interesting stories and they're all on Netflix.  If you don't have Netflix, many of these are OnDemand through various platforms and if all else fails hopefully you still have a movie rental business in your town.  Let me know if you watch any... 

1. Drinking Buddies 
(An indie dramedy & semi-romance that will make you want a local beer)

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2. Prince Avalanche 
(an interesting character study between two workers, part comedy, part drama & shot in TX)
3. Safety Not Guaranteed
(another dramedy but also part sci-fi, fun & cute)
4. Blue is the Warmest Color 
(intense drama splashed with several erotic scenes, amazing acting)
5. Frances Ha 
(quirky comedy about a young woman trying to be a "grown up")
6. Klown
(raunchy comedy that had me laughing out loud with embarrassment for the characters, a buddy film with traveling)
7. Macho
(a tender comedy that is ultra realistic, very raw & honest vignettes about a man & his relationship(s))
8. Medicine For Melancholy 
(a love story set in San Francisco that'll have you falling for the couple & the city)

9. Cutie and the Boxer 
(a fascinating look at two artists who are also husband & wife, highly recommended)
10. The Act of Killing (a disturbing story but everyone should see this film at least once)
11. Gregory Crewdson, Brief Encounters
(this photographer is amazing, he sets an entire scene- an entire world all for one shot)

TV Series: 
12. Skins (UK version)
(fast, raunchy, funny, hip, but also drenched with pathos)
13. Top of the Lake 
(a captivating mystery with a strong female lead)
14. Adventure Time 
(fun & inventive cartoon series that's good for the kiddos & even better for the adults, fantasy driven & ultra weird but accessible)

Web Series: 
15. Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
(funny & irreverent take on the super hero story but told from the POV of the villain - Doogie Howser no less (I mean Neil Patrick Harris) and it has singing)

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